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Three-minute Thesis 2014: “What makes a seabird develop a pioneering spirit?”

February 6, 2015

As it happens, Monash participates in Three Minute Theses, where once a year, excitable young researchers try to explain the geekiest thing that they know about in three minutes or less, to an audience of bemused non-specialists.

Last time this happened, I signed up. Went to the School of Biological Sciences round. Placed second. Went to the Faculty of Science round. Placed second again. Got invited to present in front of a class of undergraduates being taught scientific communication, on the grounds that ‘the best way to teach communication is to show people communication done well’. Was pretty surprised at how little time it takes to transition from ‘no communication experience’ to ‘being held up as an example of how to communicate’, but took the compliment anyway.

And that is the true story of why (some) undergraduates now give me funny looks in the Student Commons. If you’d like to see what they saw, you’re in luck, because someone took a video. Enjoy!


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