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Ashmore 2: in which maps are generated

December 12, 2013

AM 17/11/2013

We never quite made it out to bleed Lesser Frigates after drinks with Customs. We headed out for an 09:30 -> 19:30 day the following day instead. I mapped the vegetation on Middle until ~14:00, then sat under shade, panting heavily, until ~15:00. I then recovered myself enough to scribe for AH and RM as they bled Lesser Frigates.

The method for mapping vegetation on these islands is very simple: identify patches of vegetation (Calthrop and Argusia, and a scattered low grass, are the only things here in this season), and walk around the edge of each patch with a GPS unit set to record tracks. Then walk the high-tide line of the island with another track, and mark points of vegetation that are too small to be recorded as patches. Later, we’ll have to fiddle in ArcMap to turn the tracks into polygons and overlay them on other maps, but the data-generation itself is very simple.

Today, the plan is to vegetation-map East Island while the Shorebird Team count birds on the beach, and to pick up dead specimens to bulk up my East Island collection.


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