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[PhD] In which Shane becomes a more ethical human being

March 5, 2013


Today was largely given over to compulsory ethics training. It covered a little bit of health and safety of working with animals, a little bit of legislative information about working with animals legally in Australia, a little information on working with GMOs, a little on experimental designs that minimise animal suffering, a bit on the makeup of the ethics committees at Monash and their heirarchy. a little on what animal husbandry Monash offers, a bit on what needs to be told to the ethics committee, a little on how to fill out ethics application paperwork, and a lot of warnings about how, if you are deemed to be operating unethically or not following the ethics-approved experiment plan, your lab can be shut down and you, personally, can be given very hefty fines or imprisonment. Much the same as at my previous Uni.

Having been made ethical, I spent the balance of the day filling in paperwork, meeting other PhDs, trying to get the Internet to work on my laptop at University, and fielding emails. One asked about dietary requirements for the upcoming trip: does anyone have allergies, or maintain a vegan diet? No dugong meat on this trip, as the blighters are just too difficult to catch. Turtles instead.

I reckon that last bit was probably a joke.


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