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[Sparrows] Packing up, moving on

January 18, 2013

[This is the eighteenth in a series of posts on sparrow nest-monitoring over the 2012-2013 Austral spring and summer.]

Data collection for the sparrows is finished: the last of the 40 nests I had to monitor failed during a storm last week which wiped out most of the other nests at the same time. At the time of my last check (on the 14th), there were only two nests with any eggs in them in the whole study site.

This necessitates bookkeeping: I have computerised all the data, relabelled all the photographs of egg clutches, and gone through my list of site visits to work out exactly how far I have driven in order to claim back my expenses. I have to make one more site visit, to take down all the flagging I put up so that I could identify individual nests and thank the centre manager, Keith Woodley, for being excellent.

Still to do: find a couple more clutches of Song Thrush or Blackbird eggs (if possible) for the chemical analysis, and take those, along with the sparrow eggs I have collected, in to Auckland University.

After that: finalising my packing for the move to Australia, so that I can start the Next Thing. Say goodbye to friends, family, familiarity. Sell car, barbeque, and bike, unless bike may be transported for free (I have heard rumours that this privilege is given because ‘sporting equipment’ somehow does not count as baggage), in which case find a box for bike. Pay back taxes. Get visas. Buy foreign currency. Organise somewhere to stay when I hit the Red Continent. You know. Moving stuff.

(I’m acting casual about this, but in reality, I don’t know moving stuff. I… hope I don’t do it wrong? If you do not hear from me after February 18, it will be because I somehow did it wrong.)


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