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[Sparrows] And then I did a silly thing

November 15, 2012

[This is the sixth in a series of posts on sparrow nest-monitoring over the 2012-2013 Austral spring and summer]

I have put together a sparrow-monitoring kit, comprising:

1) One mirror on a stick (for peering into nests when I am below them)

2) A multi-tool for adjusting the mirror on a stick (and anything else a multi-tool is useful for)

3) Detailed maps of my study sites

4) Marker pens

5) A binder full of nice crisp white datasheets.

In the act of heading out to get those datasheets printed, I managed to lock myself out of my house today. In the process of locking myself out of the house, I also lost access to my car, as all my keys were on the same keyring.

However, it was not a dead loss. Not content to sit around outside and wait for someone to let me back in, I walked to a second University (not my main study site), printed my datasheets, and spent the rest of the day searching that campus for nests. By comparison to my main study site, it is deserted. In the hours I spent, I found only one sparrow nest (inaccessible), and three song thrush nests, one with a Silvereye apparently working to build it.


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  1. Awww you locked yourself out! Poor Shaney!

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