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October 29, 2012

It is probably obvious that the ‘LBI 2012’ series is coming to an end – there is only one remaining post, and I intend to publish it later today.

Since returning from the island, I’ve put together an application for PhD funding. I am afraid that if I had diary-blogged that process, it would have been an account of long days spent alone in my room, gently caressing my keyboard – so I have saved you some pain by using LBI 2012 as my smokescreen. The application will be judged and weighed against other applicants in the early part of November, and I should know by December if I have been granted funding. If I’m successful, I’ll spend 2013 – 2015 (at least) studying the population genetics of seabirds in the Ashmore Reef, Australia. If it’s not successful, I’ll re-package the research proposal and find another university who will fund it, and I’ll probably end up working on different seabirds.

Until then, I have been offered some new fieldwork for the Antipodean spring: from November 1, I’ll do some work with House Sparrows, monitoring their nest-success for a New York-based researcher. The work will mainly involve wandering around schools, university campuses and public spaces armed with some binoculars and (possibly) a ladder, and I expect to get a share of odd looks from people.


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