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[LBI 2012] Productivity

October 24, 2012

[This is the tenth in a series of posts – essentially diary entries – on fieldwork on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand. Internet access was unavailable on the island, so I am publishing them one-per-day now that I am back on the mainland.]


I completed two full lines today – Y and A, the shortest and equal second-shortest routes. I was either the first person back, or just narrowly beaten by Sunkita. This has left time to bake, so there are orange/almond biscotti in the oven as I write, part-way through their second bake.

The weather forecast for tomorrow, and possibly the next three days, is poor. The wind has picked up this afternoon and there have been occasional cloudbreaks, some heavy. If it keeps up like this we’ll have time off, as the birds will hunker down and be undetectable.

I found a pair of binoculars today and, being a thoughtful fieldworker, put them in my pack to find out who had lost them. As at writing, Richard will be overdue in fifteen minutes, and everyone else says they’re not theirs. He may be on G (where the Intentions Board says he is), on H (looking at his first route to recover the binoculars), or up on Shag Track (where they actually were). People are duly becoming worried.


He’s back, and the bins are his. He spent an unseemly amount of time looking for them. I can’t blame him – they’re very nice pieces of optical tech.


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