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[LBI 2012] Lost

October 23, 2012

[This is the ninth in a series of posts – essentially diary entries – on fieldwork on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand. Internet access was unavailable on the island, so I am publishing them one-per-day now that I am back on the mainland.]


Today, I got lost. It was not an intentional thing – I did not get lost to ‘find myself’, or any rubbish like that. I just missed a marked turn-off that would have taken me out of a riverbed and ended up wandering the river for an extra two hours, thinking things like “This is an awfully technical boulder-climb for a hihi-monitoring route” and “For so narrow a stream bed, why can’t I see any boot marks?” I rest safe in the knowledge that my rock-climbing skills were not wasted today.

I have finished ‘the best Australian science writing 2011‘, with mixed feelings on it. Parts were good, and clear, and scientific. Parts were the sort of stuff that is put together daily on science blogging sites (no poor thing in itself – but I hardly feel I need to read blogs from a book). Parts (like the article on the ‘fight’ between literature and science) were tedious and inarticulate. Worth reading overall, though.

Other news: the boot repair is holding up. So far…


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