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[LBI 2012] Getting used to it

October 16, 2012

[This is the fourth in a series of posts – essentially diary entries – on fieldwork on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand. Internet access was unavailable on the island, so I am publishing them one-per-day now that I am back on the mainland.]


I suspect I am getting fitter. Or better at moving through the bush. Or something. In any case, I did line C today and half of line G – some high-altitude with lots of supplejack – and at no stage did I feel like death was imminent.

I’ve picked up 2 incomplete probable Cook’s Petrel skeletons – each with skulls, spines, pelvic girdles, keels, tibiatarsi and femurs, and one with full articulated feet. I wonder if the ranger’s son will take them?

In my infinite wisdom [snort], I’ve agreed to make pizza bases for 19 people for quiz night. Eek.


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