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[LBI 2012] Into the grind

October 15, 2012

[This is the third in a series of posts – essentially diary entries – on fieldwork on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand. Internet access was unavailable on the island, so I am publishing them one-per-day now that I am back on the mainland.]


Day 2 of sampling. I was on Route E today, another run starting in a riverbed. The route worked its way up the river, then up the gully-wall for 400m, gaining 160m in altitude over that 400m. Followed Track 2 (‘is indistinct in the upper reaches’, said the notes) down from 360m altitude, then turned off for an an easy sidle across reasonably easy, dry Astelia grassland, mixed with manuka and kanuka.

Track 2 is, in a word, steep. There are several sections where a rope is provided to help with the slope: when you have it, you are thankful. Overall though, I found today easier than yesterday. Perhaps this means I am getting fit?

Bird observation of the day: a saddle-back silently entering a Nikau palm frond base which was curled into an upturned cup-shape and suspended. It stayed in the frond for more than five minutes as I watched. Possibly nesting in there?

Sunkita has picked up a possible Cook’s Petrel skull from her route today; has been advised that the ranger’s son keeps a ‘museum’ of similar curios.


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